FASTRAX has two very fun and competitive tracks to race. We have a large figure eight track for the whole family and a smaller, banked oval for the serious racer. We also have a large selection of karts for you to choose.


This isn’t some slick track where you just spin around the whole time. Nor does it have great traction so you can just hold the pedal to the floor the entire time. No, this track requires some driving skill. The competitive racing excitement will keep you coming back for more.


You may notice our attendants spreading a soupy white mix on the turns. This is our special formula to keep the tracks at just the right slipperyness. It doesn’t make it too slick to where you just can’t drive on it, but it does add a bit of competitiveness to the racing experience.

This is not just a ride, your driving racing skills will be put to the test!